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Cleaning spaces.

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Cleaning spaces.

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About US

7C Home cleaning is a team of well-trained, hardworking and trustworthy individuals and driven by the desire to offer fool-proof cleaning solutions. 7C Home as an idea was coined and has already become a distinguished service-provider. Thanks to advent of technology, everything including our life runs at an unimaginable speed. This hectic lifestyle sometimes does not allow us to pay the required attention to the hygiene of our house. This is where the 7C Home team comes into action. None of us like our house dirty but in today's times with a super hectic schedule, hygiene of the house is sometimes ignored. Daily or weekly cleaning is done but dust accumulates in some of the unexpected places of the house. Some corners of the house are at times covered with a layer of dust. When it comes to cleaning these layers of dust, the question that arises is who will clean it because such cleaning requires a team of people. Well, the answer to this question is the 7C Home team.At 7C Home we believe in understanding the need of our customers to keep cleanliness omnipresent in their house and accordingly cater to their needs.Putting in more than desired amount of efforts and hard work, 7C Home is admired for being flawless and highly reliable. Leveraged by the vast experience and knowledge of this domain, the team of 7C Home ensures systematic and timely execution and is also cost effective.

Our Responsibilities

To maintain Health, Hygiene and Safety is our topmost priority. To preserve surfaces, finishes and fittings. Your Health, our Responsibility.... Your Clean Environment ..our Core Business.

Our bio-based green cleaning products are non-toxic, non-reactive and non-corrosive. No Damage policy. Professional know-how in terms of housekeeping / cleaning objectives and perfect execution.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make your property cleaner and exceed customer expectations and customer satisfaction at the most competitive price is our commitment.

At 7C , you will find reliable house cleaner service with flexibility to meet your needs and your budget. A personalised detailed written quotation will focus on your specific cleaning needs and the cleaning work to be done at the best price and a service time to suit you.

Testimonials & Partners

We rigorously vet all of our Cleaners, please see a selection of quotes from our
Channel Partners below.

Excellent service by the team. They cleaned every nook and corner over 3 days. Highly professional and for the amount of work done, very cost effective. Recommended.

-Avadh Uthopia

Excellent service. Satya and all other employees who visited site worked sincerely and have done very wonderful job. Very reasonable price and excellent service

-Stallon Gym

Excellent service. Every single employee put in their best to ensure it's clean as per my standards. Every helpful and sincere.

- City Tadka